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Designs On The Real

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The Forth week of competition was truly about the real.. Real Life Designers that is.

MISS ZIMBABWE -Slowly Bury   Designer: John Galliano

Slowly is inspired by  contraversal  Designer John Galliano’s Fall 2011 collection . The vintage chic look has glamour with just the right of amount of drama featured in dark rich textures and fabrics.

The bulk of fabric creates an interesting silhouette. The darker fabrics are dramatic and decedent. The look is accessorized with a gold necklace and matching earrings.

Slowly’s look was pieced together from Vanguard, SAS, Shi, Cheap Makeup, Gizza, Xanadu, Finesmith, and House of fox.

MISS Ethiopia -Shelby Matfield  Designer: Georgio Armani

Shelby quoted her designer challenge inspiration Giorgio Armani, “The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

Shelby wears a white ankle length dress that swirls around gracefully as she walks. The gold pumps and bolero make her skin glow and the bag and scarf add a touch of tasteful color.

Shelby is wearing pieces from Indie Rose, Gizza, Aoharu, Miel, Stiletto, The Sea Hole, Je Suis, Finesmith, Mandala, Lelutka, and The Body Co.

MISS TOGO -Ngozi Faith   Designer: Donna Karan

Ngozi styled a look resembling Donna Karan’s Fall 11″/Spring 12″ Line. This seasons line had lots of fur featured ,  structured pencil skirts, and  loser free flowing tops or blazers with chunky fur trims Representing old Hollywood in a sense.

Combining these elements, Gozi wears a very old Hollywood-esq  jacket that lines the neck and beast with fur. A sparkling pencil skirt adds color and a touch of edge to the over look, and the Betty Boop Swoop hair style completes the look with a touch of elegance.

If you want to match Gozi’s style, you can shop Gizza, Fleshtone, Purple Moon, Mandala, Finesmith, R.icielli, Vive9, Grix, Grage, and Icon.

Next week the contestants blur the line of sexuality with androgynous style.  Just being pretty will not cut it on this challenge.  Who will blur the line without going too far?