Who will be the next Miss Essence of Ebony?

For the past 5 weeks our finalist have been asked to complete specific style challenges and to grace the runway and pose in each of the looks. Finalist were challenged to be unique, original, meet style challenge deadlines and to exemplify professional behavior throughout the pageant.

Miss Essence of Ebony 2012 will be expected to be active in her role. The title gives an opportunity to be a positive role model and inspiration to all models and aspiring models in the Second Life community.

It has been my pleasure to work with each contestant and I am truly humbled by your dedication.

So…Without further delay, I present to you the Essence of Ebony Contestants of 2012!

MISS BENIN -Lynxa Wilde wearing a gown that represents her country

Vivid and dramatic with an inner warmth portraying the heart of the Beninese, this formal gown by Dani Plassitz emphasizes the grace and dignity intrinsic to the vision of Benin that Lynxa has.

The use of geometric repeating patterns draw the gaze down the bold length of this formal gown fit for royalty.  Gold filigree half sleeve caps extend from the cross wrapped bodice.

Gold is echoed in the underside of the multilayered back skirts, and in the worked gold bracelets, choker, and earrings from RYCA.

Gold also crowns the entire effort and settles firmly in the fantastic crown Lynxa wears so well over the Reagan Ebony Hair she has chosen from Tukinowaguma.  Extreme RealLash from CCD frames her eyes.  Flower Pumps “Eve” by *GF* complete the picture of modern glamorous Benin.

MISS BURUNDI  Koffie Juniper

From a land of music and dance, Koffie Juniper wears “Burundi Dream” a creation from JaZsY’s Elite Designs by Jasilyn Amiot.  Follow the flow of the soft green, white and red cotton wrapped round the chest and criss-crossed in the back to the front then back again.

With each breath, the fabric clasps and uplifts molding lovingly to the body.  The top is draped with a sheer red shoulder wrap that floats gracefully over all.  Red shoes to match the low waisted colorful ruby tone skirts peek out from under the flowing train and swaying layers.  A simple, wrapped white turban tops the colorful ensemble.

Matching PM Etria Bangles in Green Most and Mango Earrings in green, gold and red are the jewelry of Miss Burundi’s choice.  Finesmith Solid Red Nails add that touch of matching color to the hands.  Dark Bangs from Analog Dog peek out from under the turban.  Touch up the eyes with  green eye makeup and the look is done to a T.

MISS CONGO – Anigma Eulenburg

Often considered the “heart” of darkest Africa for adventurer and historians, please welcome Miss Congo, Anigma Eulenberg is dressed in a gown from Kunglers.

Sparkling gemlets of azure, green and gold grace the bodice of gold silk and the over tunic, which is gathered in a high baby doll waist line to fall in heavy folds that over lap each other making a very full skirting. A ruffled collar of darker turquoise act as a supporting strap for the sleeveless backless bodice.

Anigma matches Azul teal gloves with the dress.  The under tunic is a set of colorful stripes of purple, teal and black that flow to the floor.

The hair is from Lode and the matching sculpture like head piece in red, teal and gold is by Nardcotix.  Over size earrings and ring from Finesmith add a nice touch of polished rubies and gold.

Slip on Mary Jane shoes and make up is from Mock Cosmetics, Apple May Designs and Je Suis for that finished look. Color in the face of adversity, showing the courage of the people and the country of  Miss Congo!

MISS ETHIOPIA – Shelby Matfield

From the country in the horn of Africa, welcome Miss Ethiopia, Shelby Matfield as she models her vision of her country,  Purple Moon’s PinkTiki Gown in Teal.  An ancient heritage of native royalty shows clearly in the empire waisted deep teal bodice gathered with a gold band.

A half capelet, from Zaara Menake Sari in Blue, falls from the left shoulder and embroidered gold cuff over a deeply worked lace three quarter sleeve. Gold embroidery in Romanesque patterns border the cape.  The skirts fall snuggly until the point of the hip and then fall in fuller folds to the flow.

The regal coiffure is from A&A, Jenica Hair #4, and is graced with a wide gold head piece that matches the chocker and hand jewelry by Zaara Nizam, Collection in White.  Earrings are Kungler’s Extra Ipomoea in Copper adding warmth to the setting.

Nails are Mandala Palette Medium, Lipstick The Body Company Nude, and  eye shadow finishes the look with R.icielli Night Makeups in Green. Matching shoes are Zaara Iiaida Mojri in Turquoise.  From a country with an ancient heritage and royal lines, Miss Ethiopia’s crowning moment!

MISS MALAWI – Hillie Delicioso

From the Great Rift Valley filled with wonders and birds, please welcome Miss Malawi, Hillie Delicioso wearing the Bewitchment of Malawi Gown from Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparkling Couture.

Headdress is bound in gold with wooden carved mask, and red jewels decorating the base.  Large bird feathers of dark black edged in red festoon the top.  The gold choker tops the shoulder piece in golds and black edged with flamboyant red feathers.  Large arm band of black leather and gold cuff with ruby and black match the bodice and skirts.

The top is a black strapped affair showing skin above a tightly laced corset banded top and bottom with gold plates and native wood carvings with bottom edged with lacey thin red feathers.  The skirt is open to the front, designed for dancing , multilayered native dyed and worked embroidery in red, gold and black reflect light and darkness with each swirl.

Accessories include: Lulu Stilettos Shoes in Chocolate by Slink, Orient Ring by Donna Flora, Aztec Ring by Zuri Rayna, and Nails by Vika.  The headdress is complemented by  Wildbee Face Makeup by Neema.  Wild tropical dancer of the coast, Miss Malawi!


Land of exotic and mysterious women, land of the Berbers as well, welcome Miss Morocco, Lucia Brune, dressed in a gown reminiscent of the djellaba. In golds and midnight black velvety silks the modest hood  is overlaid with a gold banded headpiece in solid gold with worked red gold tassels that sway just above the mysterious  made-up eyes.

A warm full open fronted cloak is worn over a more intimate close fitting outfit of black silk embroidered heavily in gold thread with a deep v bodice. The cloak had wide full sleeves with six inch gold embroidered cuffs.

The inside of the cloak is gold thread with the outer side black decorated with gold etched diamonds and stars, and trimmed with the heavy gold thread border.

Heavy links of gold make up a necklace and matching earrings  with links joined in circles and loops from Finesmith Jewelry.  The gold and black footwear is from B&G Woman Shoe with other accessories from :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations.  Mysterious Morocco!

MISS TOGO – NGozi Faith

West Africa coastal nation with varied backgrounds, please welcome Miss Togo, Ngozi Faith wearing [D*L] Vertebra Gown- Togo Edition, in subtle jungle greens and brown blacks.  Elegance in a traditional dress of low spreading skirts in the mermaid fashion, the bodice on the dress is decorated with bows at the top and at the base of the full skirts.

Sculpted designs of C shapes snake down the fabric in soft forest greens over muted blacks textured in shadow designs like ghosts.  At the waist Ngozi has placed a series of bone vertebra as a belt adding a bit of dark shadow and mystery to the dress.  The ruffled fans at the hips flare out down the tight skirt just above the fullness of the base skirts, layers of black shiny satin spring out below the over skirts at the base.

The up swept hair in formal style with braids is from Boon Dare-black with splashes of color in the feathers.  Large gold earrings are Paper Couture Sunrise Earrings in contrast to the dark black of the choker and necklace League Wander-Black.

Bracelet from Shad Throne The Dungeon contrast the bracer from Sissi Colar me up Bangles.  Complete this with shoes from Maitreya Gold- Salience Sangria.  Color me serene and unpredictable Africa, Miss Togo.

MISS TUNISIA – Lieffiie Ruby

From the land of dark desert nights and awash with warm Mediterranean waves, greet Miss Tunisia, Lieffie Ruby who greets you, “Marhaba!”

This flowing formal gown is from Orage in a sleeveless bodice and full skirts of silks in burgundy and sheer overlays of a darker burgundy.

The bare backed dress has a swath of pleated fabric in shimmering satin that secures at the left side of the bodice and crosses diagonally to the right side of the slim waist.

The remainder falls to join the full skirts and sheer overlay to make a full elegant train. Modern and very simple in its lines this is a more European influenced design.

The dark rich updo is graced with gold accents that match the full necklace and bracelets,  Ethic Jewelry from Kunglers.  Other accessories are provided by Sonia, Noya, Riciellie, and Diktator.  Miss Tunisia bids you, “Ma’assalama!”

MISS UGANDA – Helen Zhora

From the Pearl of Africa, welcome Miss Uganda, Helen Zhora wearing this creation from Countdown Designer.  A dream of gold and green, the top is made of interlaced gold threads with emerald green threads in a rich brocade.

A short over skirt is encircled with three loops of gold embroidery.

A floor length cutaway skirt shows the right leg off against a background of heavy emerald fabric edged with a border of braided gold weave.  The fullness of the skirt allow a swirling and enticing motion to each step.

A skullcap of worked gold edged emerald silk fits closely to her scalp, a fantastic hair by Faster Pussycat rises high above her in tall branches reaching upwards touched at the end of each tendril with gold crosses.

Jewel tone beads of gold and emerald in several strands grace her neck and shoulders, gold hoops hang from her ears, and colorful bangles make up the set called Maasai from Kunglers.

Shoes from Mary Jane match the set.  Exotic and colorful in her heritage, Miss Uganda.


Exotic and multicultural is the land Zimbabwe, and Miss Zimbabwe , Slowly Bury showcases this all in the gown *Soly* created for her by Solylence Houston of  Solylence Creations.

Based on native styles this dress has a tightly wrapped bodice and skirt at the heart of the design.  Tropical hot colors spiral and swarm over the top in bright sea green and sky blues interlaced with satin burgundy against a night black landscape.

Mid knee the skirts erupt in a wild crushed gathered crepe of silvery fuchsia.

The skirts swirl and dip with each movement in shimmering tones of color.  Again, we see the popular head wrap in matching bright purple violets twirled into a towering crown.

Long necklace of bright contrasting colors match with armlet, bracelet and earrings Fzapp Set Pimentas.  The shoes are from Maitreya called Slinky.  Makeup is Chelle/cheap makeup.  All in all as colorful as the land and its people. Traditional and modern mixed in melting pot of culture, Miss Zimbabwe!

MISS ZAMBIA – Jaguar Constantine

Finally, we present Miss Zambia, Jaguar Constantine,  from a land of fantastic rivers and falls.  The gown designed for Jaguar by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau seems to echo this land in the fall of this splendid painted mermaid base skirt.

The painted palm sized leaves flow with exotic animal spots and patterns layered in offset tiers. The closely fitted body of the tube skirt carries the browns and creams upwards to mix with alternating triangles of zebra stripes and red ruby sports on cream.

The corset runs vertically with more subtle zebra shadow strips to the low bodice of spotted dark browns on cream.  The left shoulder bears a cascade of patterns that  drape and fall elegantly. The matching turban is a swirl of soft native fabric a kaleidoscope of all the patterns used to crown Miss Zambia.

Gold bracers and bracelets match the dramatic choker and chest piece of gold semicircles, with matching earrings this set was made by the talented Jaguar herself.

Finishing off the look are SLink Jolie Prim Nails, Femme Fatale Bun in black by Paper Couture for the hair, and shoes  FEMME “Hiver” by N-core. Native and colorful Africa, Miss Zambia!Shop Jaguar’s look at Gizza, Sf Designs,  Diram, A&M, Gawk, Redgrave, Schadenfreude, Septem Essentia, Rozoregalia, Dura, Slink, and Miamai.

MISS LIBERIA – Yrwin NagloFrom the land of North Atlantic beaches and rainforests, please welcome Miss Liberia, Yrwin Naglo in the bright tropical colors of this formal gown.The dramatic corals, sun orange, sun washed greens are from nature’s rich bounty of the rainforests.  A open fanlike headpiece graces heavily curled midlength hair.The bodice ruffle crowns the tight sleeveless bodice that is tucked into the full flamboyant puffed tie-dyed  skirts. The waist is embraced by highly decorated side ruffles the stand out from the skirt like a bird’s tail.

Accessories include a choker necklace, earrings and bangles and armlets in swirling gold.  Credit goes to the following providers:  glamorize:, Calico Creations,  Aria Meridoc Design, Tanya Wakaonna * GD *, and *Mary Jane Shoes*.  Tropical and sultry, Miss Liberia!

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  1. It was a pleasure working with such beautiful, amazing Ebony Women! Kudos to you all!

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