Accessorize a Mad Diva

The creative came to play today and they brought there A game.  Last week the contestants strutted the Funky 70’s but, this week it’s all about the accessories.  There all working off the same dress design but can they make it there own.  The contestants were given a Mad Diva mesh dress to come up with a unique look.  The contestants could change the texture and color of the dress.  The contestants can also add parts from other clothing or accessories to create their look.  The contestants did there thing bringing there style and creativity.

The results are in and the top looks in the Mad Diva Accessorized challenge


MISS TOGO -Ngozi Faith

Ngozi will be the first to tell you that the Mad Diva challenge gave her a run for her money. However, she ended up with an artistic and one of a kind look to put on the runway.

Ngozi explained “ I wanted to style something you would probably see in a September Issue of Vogue. Dark, Mysterious, Unexplainable, and out of the norm.” The bee swarmed hair and skull and bones hat, paired with the silhouette changing ruffles and oddly patterned tights are certainly all of those things.

If you want to create a work of art like Ngozi, you can start by shopping Mad Diva, House of fox, Veneno, Vita’s Boudoir, Cheerno, Miel, Candy Nail, and Hate me and Eat me.


MISS Ethiopia -Shelby Matfield

When coming up with her style plan for this weeks challenge, Shelby turned to this quote from Coco Chanel: “ A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.”

Miss Matfield’s style is a mix of oriental, vintage and couture shapes. She chose to retexture the Mad Diva’s dress a bold and striking red. Accented by the white gloves and shoes, her color choices bring out the warmth in her skin and hint to a vivacious personality.
Shelby’s look can be shopped at Shi, Chantakare, Indyra, Madesigns, Lode Hats, Similar Footwear, Miamai, and Paper Couture.


MISS TUNISIA -Lieffiie Ruby

Lieffiie went tribal for the Mad Diva challenge.

In addition to the swirling print on the Mad Diva dress,
Lieffiie used a fur vest, suede boots, a neck elongating necklaces and ethnic inspired dangling earrings. Her look is certainly a take on ethnic chic.

Liffiie shopped Cheerno, Epoque, Bax, Paper Couture, and Je suis to complete her look.

The next challenge is comming from the street.  The girls have to pull off Harajuku, Japanese street fashion.  Who will bring the asian flavor.

5 Responses to “Accessorize a Mad Diva”

  1. Roe Woodford Says:

    Well done ladies!

  2. Amazingggggggggg and couldn’t of picked three more deserving….You all rocked my fashion world today

  3. Hillie Delicioso Says:

    Congratulations to the winners! It was such a fun show. Seeing all the different looks created from that one dress was awesome!

  4. Ngzoi you look fabulous girl, you worked that challenge this week and came off look like a true diva

  5. Great job ladies, some fantastic styling! See you next week 🙂

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