Essence of Ebony 2012!!

Welcome to Miss Essence of Ebony 2012.  I am writing the first blog for our exciting contest from the brand new EoE Headquarters and from my office I can see the portrait of Imani Enzo the beautiful winner of Miss Essence of Ebony 2011.  Just imagine, next year that could be your portrait!

The beautiful Imani Enzo winner of the 2011 contest

Although this is most definitely a beauty pageant, here at EoE we hope that it is much more than that.  The aim of the contest is to promote is to promote awareness of Ebony models in the fashion industry.  The prizes on offer importantly include training scholarships, but we also aspire to provide on-going help, support and advice throughout the contest.

Is this a contest for well- known and experienced models?  Yes!  Is this a contest for someone with no modeling experience at all?  Yes!  We had both categories in our final ten in 2011, and during the next few weeks some of last year’s contestants will be sharing their experiences with us.

What do you need to do to be involved? Pay us a visit at EoE HQ, have a look round.  Take a peek in my office, check my on-line status on my board and feel free to ping me if you have any questions.  In the entrance foyer as you land there is a reception desk.  Just click on the ball there to get all the details you need to enter the contest.

The first part of the contest is the picture submission.  Participants should submit their best HEADSHOT – One (1) Photo Only – Photographs need to be full permission ( COPY, MOD AND
TRANSFER and 512×512 or greater) and MUST be renamed YOUR NAME – EOE Contest 2012.  No MORPH PICTURES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  By submitting pictures you grant permission for them to be
used on our winner board.  The SKIN you submit with your photo can not be changed once you are chosen to compete.

Once you have done that, drop it in the box at reception, and who knows… that picture smiling down at me… could be you!!!

One Response to “Essence of Ebony 2012!!”

  1. I loved every minute of this competition. I think all the contestants rocked the 70’s look. I love this competition for what it represents not only for the beautiful ebony ladies of sl but also because of the fair and amazing way in which this competition is judged. Two thumbs up for both Latrelly and Kaly and for the amazing judges wonderful work.

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